Having what’s basically the restaurant equivalent of a retail sale is a great way to generate buzz and attract customers. Here are some ideas and advice to make sure you get it right…

What Discount Is Big Enough To Attract Restaurant Customers?

That’s the big question. And here’s the answer: 20%. It’s enough to attract targeted customers and still leave you some profit. If you’re thinking about setting up a new delivery service, offering a 10% discount for delivered food will be enough to get your target audience interested.

Carefully thought out incentives

Care needs to be taken not to devalue your product when advertising incentives. Better to offer a free appetizer or dessert, or a Buy One, Get One Free promotion than giving a flat 50% off the whole meal. Customers will resent paying the full price next time for something you were prepared to give them half price.

The Power Of The Two-For-One

The chance to pay once for two servings is especially popular with budget-conscious customers. Make sure such offers are cost-effective by limiting them to different entrees week to week, or popular dishes that have a low cost to you, like roast chicken, meatloaf and stuffed haddock. Avoid offering them on expensive items such as lobster or large cuts of beef.

How To Make Happy Hour A Happy Time For Your Restaurant

We’ve all seen signs advertising Happy Hours. Usually at the slowest selling hours of the day early in the week. They aim to entice working people to treat themselves after a long day, and are usually very effective. Many restaurants choose to offer a special Happy Hour menu featuring inexpensive or free appetizers, plus discounted drinks. It’s worth thinking about and, remember, a Happy Hour can last longer than 60 minutes. In fact, most do.

Capitalize on Holidays And Special Days

Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day. Christmas Day. They’re all big days for restaurants, a chance to set records for takings. But optimizing income takes organization. Most customers are likely to want to eat at roughly the same time, so be sure to plan ahead. And to give your restaurant an advantage over the rest, entice customers with deals. Just because it’s a special day, doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for a bargain.

Host A Menu Tasting Evening At Your Restaurant

Who doesn’t like to be the first to try something and show off about it on social media? Hosting a specialty tasting dinner event at your restaurant gives your customers the opportunity to do just that. Your menu can either be prix fixe or a limited a la carte. With the help of a sommelier, you can offer customized wine and food pairings that will really wow customers.

Taste sweet success with Wine tasting Nights

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to offer wine tasting at your restaurant. Wine producers/distributors will be happy to help, giving you a great opportunity to pair up the reds, whites and rosés with the food on your menu. Fridays and Saturdays are the best times for such events as people can relax and not worry about work tomorrow. TIP: avoid having flowers and candles on the tables as these can get in the way of the enjoyment of the bouquet of the wines.

Beer Tasting Nights Work Too

If customers don’t drink wine, chances are they’ll like beer. So why not give them the opportunity to taste new beers from local (and other) breweries. Many people will often drink beer with their meals, so by inviting them to your restaurant for a special Beer Tasting night with food, you’re giving them more of what they already want, with a twist.