get found

Ways to help more people 
discover your restaurant

It pays to advertise your restaurant

Your food could be stunning, your service spectacular, but if people don’t know about your restaurant, they can’t visit. Getting simple ads on Google or Bing that promote your restaurant is easy, and you can set your budget to keep them affordable. You can also tailor adverts to target specific customers, like fans of pizza or lasagne or gelato, and then direct them to a special landing page that has the menu item they’re most likely to love right there for them to see. It takes a little extra effort, but it’s worth it.

Advertising your restaurant on Facebook

As the biggest social media platform, it makes sense for you to feature promotions on Facebook. Just 5 dollars a day can get you in front of a big audience. What’s more, you can target your restaurant Facebook ads at followers in your area, and get people who see them to take a variety of actions, such as

• Like your Facebook page
• Give you their email address
• Visit your website

Start blogging

A good way of getting discovered by more potential customers is to start a Blog. It’ll let you develop your restaurant’s tone of voice and share information about your place with an interested audience. Blogs are also great places to announce news. You don’t need to post something every day, just every now and then when you’ve got something important or interesting to say and share.

Hit the right audience with Geo-targeted Ads

Most people look for good restaurants close to home, and geo-targeted ads are an ideal way to reach them. They help you save money by ensuring only users in certain cities or within a certain radius of your restaurant get to see your ads, so you don’t waste money paying for clicks from people who are miles away. Most online advertising services offer this service at no extra cost and it’s well worth exploring.

Market Your Restaurant Via Text

Simple offers, quickly explained via a short text can work wonders. Be sure to keep your message brief and clear. Customers who respond should get a virtual coupon which they show their waiter/waitress on their phone screen once they get to the restaurant. It’s a simple system that’s popular. And there are companies out there who’ll help you set it all up.

Advertise Your Restaurant On Mobile Phones

Mobiles. Cell phones. Handsets. Whatever you call them, they’re set to be the most popular devices for viewing ads. In fact it’s predicted that 2016 will see half of all paid clicks via Google made on mobiles. You’ll want a slice of that, so be sure to advertise on Google’s AdWords service. You can customize all sorts of things including:

• Target audience
• Cost per click
• Which keywords trigger your ad to appear

Collect Business Cards And Offer Rewards

Leave a glass bowl somewhere in your restaurant and incentivize customers to drop their business cards into it by offering a reward to the owner of the card that wins a lucky draw. It’s not hi-tech, but is effective. A great way to both engage your customers and get their contact details off them, so you can add them to your email subscriber list.

Partner Up With Delivery Services

Starting your own delivery service can be a daunting prospect. So why not use an online delivery service? It’s a growing business concept and one that can lead to more customers discovering your restaurant. Here are just some of the companies who are providing this service:

• Seamless
• Eat 24
• Foodler
• GrubHub