local communities

Make your restaurant available to host community events

Being active in your community is a great way to raise your profile. Seize opportunities to partner up with local businesses, schools and charities to host fundraising events. It’s a win-win situation, as you’ll get people coming into your restaurant and can be seen to be doing something positive for the community. The extra and often free advertising is good for business too. Events to consider include:

• Charity Auctions
• Dinner & Dance
• Murder Mystery Evenings
• Scholarship Fundraisers

Sponsor community events

Community events are great opportunities for restaurants. Summer concerts in the park, open-air cinema nights are always popular and their organizers will be looking for sponsors. Often, backing them means you get space at the event to promote your product, plus free advertising opportunities. They can be expensive so, as a less costly alternative, why not target the cars in the parking lot with a special offer whereby you offer to prepare event attendees a special packed lunch or snack they can take with them to the next event.