restaurant identity

The more distinctive you make your restaurant brand, the more you’ll stand out and get talked about. Don’t blend in with the crowd. It’s easier to promote a restaurant that’s different, than one that’s like all the others.

3 Steps To Developing A Distinctive Restaurant Brand Identity

The golden arches. Colonel Sanders’ smiling face. Making your brand instantly recognizable should be your ultimate aim. But getting there takes time and care. To succeed you’ll need to:

  • Get your logo professionally designed
  • Develop a consistent tone of voice
  • Apply your look and feel across all touchpoints, from the signs outside to the menus inside

Sign Up For Success

Time is precious and people are looking for every way they can find to save it. Your signs in your restaurant should make it quick and easy for people to discover what’s on offer. Be sure to capitalize on every signage opportunity – both outside and in, including:

  • Menu/Specials boards
  • Carry out containers
  • Window space
  • Receipts
  • Online

Turn your delivery vehicles into ads on wheels

Your delivery vehicles give you a great opportunity to use a different kind of mobile advertising. One that’ll get your restaurant brand known in your local area. As your vans or bikes drive the streets, be sure they have eye-catching marketing messages on them to raise awareness and (literally) drive business to your restaurant.


Domino’s in The Netherlands got their scooters to play a loop of a man repeating ‘Domino’s, Domino’s, Domino’s Pizza’ over and over until it sounded like the rhythm of an engine.

Make sure your food packaging packs a strong message

Presentation is key if you want to stand out from the crowd. So take care how your food packaging looks to customers, and use it to deliver sales messages if space allows. If the design on the outside is poor, it reflects badly on what’s inside, no matter how tasty. If the outside looks professional, your customers will immediately be in the mindset to expect good things from what’s inside.

Try new ways to spread the word

Use the same promotional tactics time and again and you’re likely to get the same results over and over. To spread the word, you need to spread your wings. Look for different opportunities to get your bar and restaurant known. Seen a community event advertised in the local paper? Get down there. Meet people. Hand out business cards. Plenty of people still love face-to-face communication, according to the Young Entrepreneur Council. And it’s quick and cost effective for you.